About the Exam Prep App - CFA®

The app goes beyond traditional CFA® exam preparation to strengthen your knowledge in the exact areas most responsible for low pass rates.

You can access structured, multimedia self-study courses and have industry experienced, CFA charterholders teach you how to succeed on exam day.

  • Follows the CFA Institute’s prep provider guidelines
  • Full technical support
  • Fully functional even without a WiFi connection
  • Available for iPhone, Android, Tablet and Mini Tablet
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90+ Hours of Instructional Videos

The Exam Prep App - CFA® is the only app for CFA exam preparation with instructor videos. Over 90 hours of video recorded lectures from a team of 20+ instructors will guide you through the syllabus.

Lectures range in length, so you can fit study time into your schedule more frequently. Even 20 spare minutes will bring you closer to a pass.

Sample Recordings
Free CFA Instructor Recordings

3,000+ Practice Test Questions

Focus on the precise areas you need to practice. Practice tests use an extensive library of 3,000+ sample CFA exam questions. You can even work through questions in a set time to hone your exam technique.

Course Slides with Instructor Notes

Download course slide packs complete with instructor annotations and notes. CFA charterholder faculty pinpoint key details of course material that can make the difference between passing and failing the exam.

CFA Exam Prep Study Notes
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